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Abbott could apply for top Bank of England job

Diane Abbott
Photo credit: photographer695 | Flickr

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott could replace Mark Carney as the governor of the Bank of England.

Mr Carney has announced he will step down in January 2020 after more than six years in the post.

Ms Abbott, who could be considering applying for the position, has a long history of public service and has been the Member of Parliament for Hackney North and Stoke Newington since 1987.

Recruitment firm Sapphire Partners will assist the government in filling the prestigious £480,000 per annum role which has been advertised on the public appointments website.

Interviews are expected to take place in the coming months before the government makes an appointment in the autumn.

In a statement, the chancellor Philip Hammond said “Finding a candidate with the right skills and experience to lead the Bank of England is vital for ensuring the continuing strength of our economy and for maintaining the UK’s position as a leading global financial centre.” 

With the financial sector still trying to regain the trust of the public after recent high profile scandals, the Bank may be keen to distance itself from its ‘old boys club’ image.

While no one knows if Ms Abbott is considering applying for the position, her appointment would certainly give the City of London the shake up some say it needs. 

I’ll take you back, Trump tells Kim

Trump and Kim split

Donald Trump says he’ll take Kim Jong-un back after the North Korean leader is spotted out on the town with Vladimir Putin.

Mr Trump and Mr Kim have had an on again off again relationship since 2018 but the bromance appears to have come to an end after Trump walked out on Kim during a romantic trip to Hanoi earlier this year. 

The North Korean leader, 35, was said to be heart broken after Vietnam and has not been in contact with the 74 year old US President since.

With a slimmer looking Kim now in a high profile relationship with the 66 year old Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Mr Trump says he wants him back, tweeting this morning.

“Hey little rocket man, you know your big frightened dog is always gonna be there for you, call me babes!!!” 

Putin was coy when pressed for details about his new beau, telling reporters. 

“So Donald took Kim on two dates, they are not exclusive are they? 

“If Kim wants to hang out around my shark pool I think that’s his business.

“We are just two world leaders enjoying each other’s company, tell me, is that so wrong?”