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Huawei 5G row: Surprise after secret government Skype meeting is leaked

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MPs are calling for a full investigation after secret discussions, about allowing Chinese telecoms firm Huawei to provide the UK with 5G infrastructure, were leaked. 

Despite security fears in some quarters, the government is believed to have approved the supply of 5G mobile telecoms infrastructure by Chinese firm Huawei. 

The decision is thought to have been taken during a secure Skype meeting between ministers and security experts that was held on Tuesday. 

Details of the meeting were subsequently leaked online and MPs are now calling for a “full and proper” investigation into the source of the leak.

One minister told our reporter “this is unbelievable, I can’t begin to understand how this has happened.”

“We all dialled in to the meeting using a secure line and followed proper protocol.

“I was in my constituency office so I used my new mobile, it’s really amazing the quality of call you get these days, it was just like being in the room.

“By the way have you seen the new Huawei P30 Pro? It’s got a Quad Camera and digitally enhanced aud—. 

“Ah. If you’ll excuse me I think I need to make a call. 

“Actually could I use your iPhone?”  


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