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Cameron backs zombie pig research

A Pig
Photo credit: Mali Maeder |Pexels

David Cameron has taken time out from not having an opinion on Brexit to back research into the reanimation of the heads of dead pigs.

The former PM is thought to be investing some of the enormous pile of cash he is alleged to have earned by not talking about Brexit on the after-dinner speaking circuit into new research that aims to reanimate the heads of dead pigs.

A research team from Yale University were able to bring thirty-two pigs heads back to life, four hours after they had been forcibly removed from the rest of the pig.

The reanimation process involves rhythmically pumping a specially designed liquid into the pig's head, leaving the brain alive but importantly not conscious during the procedure.


Mr Cameron said that he felt this was an essential area of research that could lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s or at least a new type of bacon.

Adding that he would be paying close personal attention to the zombified porkers heads and hoped to be able to have a significant input in the near future. 

Despite the former PM's enthusiasm for decapitated pig brains, there are fears in some quarters that the research could lead to a zombie pig apocalypse. 

To allay fears, experts say that on encountering a zombie pig, members of the public should simply head to the nearest pub, have a nice cold pint, and wait for it all to blow over.


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