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Trump: My thoughts and prayers are with the Fighting Irish

Donald Trump
Photo credit: Depositphotos

Donald Trump says his thoughts and prayers are with the players of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team following the fire in Paris.

The US President said he was deeply saddened to hear that a massive fire had destroyed the Notre Dame stadium which he compared to a cathedral of sport.

Mr Trump thanked world leaders for their messages of support, singling out French President Emmanuel Macron for praise and thanking him for offering to rebuild the stadium in Notre Dame, Indiana.

The 45th President also told reporters that he intended to call the 43rd President to offer his sympathies, after learning that President Bartlet was a life long Notre Dame supporter in a documentary about him called The West Wing.

“Notre Dame are one of our finest and oldest college football teams. It’s so sad. So much history.” Trump told the press.

When asked by reporters from the BBC if he was referring to the devastating fire that destroyed the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, President Trump responded: 

“That’s fake news, Notre Dame is in Indiana, Paris is in Texas. Totally different places. I’m not as stupid as you think.” 


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