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Johnson: I’ve always supported Mr Corbyn’s version of Brexit

Boris Johnson
Photo credit: Depositphotos

Boris Johnson says he fully supports Jeremy Corbyn’s version of Brexit, whatever it happens to be. 

Theresa May will meet Jeremy Corbyn later today to ask the Labour leader if he has any idea what to do about Brexit and possibly ask him for political asylum in the Labour party headquarters.

Ahead of the meeting, Boris Johnson has stated that whatever Mr Corbyn thinks about Brexit it is definitely what he’s been saying all along. 

“Well I was right behind the remain campaign until I decided that I was fully behind the leave campaign and now I’m backing Mr Corbyn,” Johnson said.

“Some may call me an opportunistic backstabbing traitor, but the important thing for the country is that Mrs May has fluffed the whole shebang and I’ll be the next leader.

“Mr Corbyn probably has some really good ideas about Brexit and as soon as the PM agrees with them I'll be coming out against them and leading the charge to put me in charge."

Asked directly if he still had ambitions to lead the Conservative party Johnson ruffled his hair, mumbled something in schoolboy Latin, and told reporters.

“No no no, I just want what’s best for the country. 

“I’ll add that Corbyn and May both going down with the good ship Brexit is good for the country, if it means I get to be the next prime minister.”


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