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Confused British Airways implement post-Brexit flight plans early

BA Düsseldorf International
Photo credit: Flickr

British Airways were left red-faced on Monday after they rolled out their post-Brexit flight plans a week, possibly three weeks, maybe even two months early.

A BA flight scheduled to land in Düsseldorf in Germany landed in Edinburgh by mistake, after the early implementation of a post-Brexit timetable.

The plane, that departed from London City Airport, was operated by German charter airline WDL Aviation through a leasing deal.

The German flight crew are thought to have been wrong-footed by the moving target that Brexit has become, and were also under the impression that after Brexit all BA flights will need to take off and land from within UK borders. 

A British Airways spokesperson said, “The new timetable certainly changes things.

“For a start, we will be losing all of our long haul aircraft as our longest flight will be Newquay to Aberdeen. 

“On the plus side, we will be serving fish and chips on every flight now that we have taken back control of our fishing waters, and passengers won’t need to bring their passports.

“Although we expect that many passengers will still want to bring their passports just to show off the beautiful blue colour.” 

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