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All-female spacewalk delayed because astronaut didn’t pack the right outfit

Christina Koch and Anne McClain
Photo credit: NASA

NASA has been forced to delay a historic all-female spacewalk because one of the astronauts didn’t pack the right spacesuit.

Christina Koch and Anne McClain had been scheduled to step outside the International Space Station (ISS) on Friday to install batteries.

Despite what male colleagues have described as “extensive preparation" by the pair ahead of Friday’s outing, McClain has now said she can’t go out because she didn’t pack the right outfit. 

Ms McClain told mission control, “Houston we have a problem. Christina is wearing the same spacesuit. Please send medium sized suit in green. White is not my colour. Over.”

NASA rocket scientists are baffled that with their collective intellect they didn’t think to check if the two women had packed complementary outfits for their big night out on Friday.


“It just didn’t occur to us,” said mission controller Chuck Whitmore.

“You can send a man to the moon and back with an old t-shirt, a toothbrush and a spare pair of Y-Fronts.

“For this mission, we packed straighteners, a hairdryer, flip flops, flat shoes, heels, another pair of flip flops just in case. Four tops, three dresses, seven skirts, twelve pop socks, twenty-four pairs of knickers, nineteen bras, a coat in case it gets cold, a jacket to wear in the evening, and a jumper because you never know. Boots, a pack of tissues, gloves, a scarf, and a standard issue spacesuit each.

“It just didn’t occur to us that they wouldn’t want to be seen out in the same spacesuit.” 


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