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Fourth, fifth and sixth meaningful votes already in the diary despite Bercow ruling

Theresa May Honours List
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The government is rumoured to have already scheduled fourth, fifth and sixth meaningful votes on the PM’s Brexit deal despite the Speaker of the House ruling against them holding a third.

The prime minister had hoped to complete her historic hat-trick of epic Commons defeats this week but her plan was thwarted when the Speaker, John Bercow, ruled that he would not allow it. 

Citing a convention that dates back to 1604 Mr Bercow ruled that the prime minister cannot continue to flog the same dead unicorn, by presenting her Brexit deal for a third meaningful vote, without “substantial changes” or an entirely different unicorn. 

Government sources are now saying they will try to get May’s deal through the Commons despite the Speaker’s decision and it has been revealed that several more, so-called,  meaningful votes are already scheduled. 


Junior backbencher James Fishlove-Smyth, who drew the short-straw and spent the day in the cold briefing the press on College Green, leaked the plan to reporters.

“You’ll, of course, remember the government was against holding a meaningful vote in the first place, but now we’ve held two we've really got into the swing of them. 

“The votes have been tremendous fun, not to mention a great boost for the BBC Parliament channel, so we’ve decided to keep having them every Tuesday night or at least until we win.” 


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