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COBRA meeting called as Chris Grayling makes pancakes for Cabinet

Fire Fighters
Photo credit: Pixels

Theresa May convened the UK’s emergency response committee this afternoon after Chris Grayling destroyed the House of Commons kitchens while making pancakes.

Grayling is understood to have offered to make pancakes for his Cabinet colleagues in an attempt to win favour following his numerous recent public gaffs.

The Secretary of State for Transport was spotted entering kitchens located under the Palace of Westminster with an ASDA bag full of pancake ingredients, including a large quantity of potentially flammable lard. 

The Prime Minister immediately called an emergency COBRA meeting when thick black smoke from the kitchens started to fill the building and emergency services attended the scene.

Mr Grayling was uninjured in the incident but will be taking some time off from ministerial duties to recover from the shock and for the good of the country as a whole. 

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