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Ant & Dec to host TV show “The People’s Vote” as alternative to second Brexit referendum

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The TV presenting duo, Ant & Dec, have confirmed they will host a live TV Brexit vote on March 30th. 

Theresa May appears to have found a solution to the parliamentary deadlock over Brexit, while simultaneously side-stepping the need for a difficult second referendum or requiring MPs to show an ounce of leadership. 

In a move which has outflanked the Labour Party, who only this week remembered that they had promised a second referendum, May will put the fate of Brexit to the people in a format that can leave no doubt about the winner.

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street with the two cheeky Geordies, the PM told reporters.

“Fundamentally the first referendum was flawed because its advisory nature was not well understood and the meaning of its outcomes ill-defined. To rectify this miscarriage of democracy I will hold a People’s Vote. 


“Let me be clear, this will not be a second Brexit referendum, it will be a form of democracy in which the people of this country are fully versed so there can be no doubt about the result.

 “On March the 30th, Anthony McPartlin OBE and Declan Donnelly OBE will host a live television extravaganza culminating in a premium-rate-number phone vote on our continued membership of the European Union. 

“I will honour the outcome of this vote and we will leave or remain based on its result on April 1st 2019” 

The People’s Vote will be broadcast by ITV at 7pm on Saturday March 30th with a results show the following day at 8pm. 

The format of the show has not been confirmed but sources from the production team have intimated it will be closer to Saturday Night Takeaway than Question Time and feature what has been described as a mock debate section between several ‘talented’ dogs.


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