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uSwitch add political parties to their portfolio

Political Party Price Comparison

Price comparison website uSwitch has launched a new service to allow MPs to switch party with the click of a mouse.

To date, eleven MPs have traded in their old political party and made the switch to market disrupter, The Independent Group.

With more defections likely, in the run-up to Brexit, uSwitch has launched a new online service that will make the processes of ditching your manifesto pledges as easy as changing energy supplier.

Harold Fishbone from uSwitch explained that political allegiance has many parallels to the energy market, telling us.

“In many British households, the choice of energy supplier is passed down through the generations.


“If you’re locked into a 24-month price cap deal with British Gas the chances are your father was a British Gas man just like his father before him, assuming electricity existed that far back.”

uSwitch has helped many families break free from the high cost of staying with their traditional energy supplier and now wants to do the same for politicians equally unhappy with their current deal.

“Members of Parliament want the best deal for their constituents and our new service will help them find that deal,” said Mr Fishbone.

“Maybe the cost of staying in the EU is too high or perhaps you’re being charged for being too anti-Semitic? Either way, our website can find you a better deal.”

While no announcement has been made, Compare the Market Limited are believed to be following uSwitch’s lead with a typically humorous spinoff for left of centre MPs, rumoured to be called,


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