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Jimmy Carr to replace John Bercow as May accused of running down Brexit clock

Parliament Does Countdown - Brexit Edition

The host of 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Jimmy Carr, is set to replace John Bercow as Speaker of the House of Commons.

The surprise appointment comes amid allegations that the Prime Minister is running down the clock on Brexit.

A brief press release on the official UK Parliament website announced the appointment.

“As host of Countdown Mr Carr has demonstrated his ability to compel comedians, clowns, and other assorted jokers, of all political persuasions, to solve impossible conundrums in a short period of time.

“With Brexit looming we hope that Speaker Carr, along with his big Countdown clock, will accelerate the process of debate at this crucial time for our country.”

Carr’s knowledge of parliamentary procedure may only stretch to a familiarity with tax avoidance loopholes, but his proficiency in dealing with hecklers is likely to further increase viewing figures for the BBC Parliament Channel.

While no official announcement has been made on the appointment of a new Deputy Speaker, bookmakers are already shortening the odds on Rachel Riley following Carr to Westminster.

Riley, a popular choice with the public and tabloid photo editors alike, may not be welcomed by the Labour frontbench, who have a poor track record with the Numbers round.

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