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Get your baps out for Brexit says Johnson

Boris Johnson
Photo credit: Depositphotos

Leading Brexiteers are urging women to get their tits out and show Brussels what they’ve got.

A rather excited Boris Johnson, architect of the soft protest, announced the move.

“There I was watching Good Morning Britain and would you believe it topless totty.” he exclaimed.

Johnson is believed to be referring to economist, Dr Victoria Bateman, who appeared nude on the ITV breakfast show, this morning, with a slogan 'Brexit leaves Britain naked’ written across her breasts. 

“Well I thought, what better way to show the EU that we’re ready for a good hard Brexit than a bunch of Brexit babes with their baps out.

“I’ll, of course, be leading this part of the campaign from the front and personally emblazoning each pair of bristols with a leave slogan about NHS funding and the like.” 

Johnson went on to pontificate about British culture being the best in the world, sighting Page 3, Carry On films and Benny Hill as examples.

Asked by reporters whether he thought women should go the full monty Johnson responded:

“Ah no, I don’t believe that will be necessary, I think the public have seen enough Brexiteer c***s.” 

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