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Sir Philip Green still desperately trying to lose his knighthood

Tape Gagged Employees

Following Liam Neeson’s successful demonstration that not all publicity is good publicity, Sir Philip Green drops injunction against the Daily Telegraph and lets it all hang out.

Green has dropped a gagging order against the Daily Telegraph which prevented the paper from reporting facts that everyone with an internet connection or access to BBC Parliament channel already knew.

In his latest bid to be stripped of his knighthood, billionaire Green, who may have misunderstood #MeToo as an invitation, paid a women £1M to keep quiet after claims of sexual harassment and bullying.

Sir Philip, who initially denied making the payments and took out the injunction to stop them being reported, appears to have followed Neeson’s lead, now dropping the injunction to get maximum exposure for a story most people had forgotten.

“It’s what we call a ‘Ryan Giggs’ in the industry” publicist Charles Fishbone told us. 

“When you want a story to go really big and want the backlash to be even louder, you take out a super injunction to get peoples attention.” 

This latest move comes on the back of Green successfully taking BHS to the brink of collapse. At the time Sir Philip believed that this would earn sufficient support to be stripped of his knighthood. 

Despite calls from some members of parliament to rescind Green’s knighthood on the back of the BHS scandal, Tory MPs blocked the motion as making poor people even poorer is often cited as a key qualification for earning one.

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