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Could this new app help men aim true?

Urinals with target
Photo credit: Kim Siever

With men increasingly using their smartphones at the urinal this new app aims to help them aim true.

We live increasing busy lives and our smartphones are central to this 24/7 always-on culture but can a new app from tech-startup AimTru help men who need to go, when they’re on the go?

The damp leg, the wet shoe or worst still the angry urinal neighbour, all problems on the increase for the estimated 88% of men who now use their phone or tablet while filling the trough.

But how do you keep Percy pointed at the porcelain while simultaneously getting those sales figures over to Trevor or syphon the python while closing that deal with Simon? AimTru could be the app for you. 

When held in position above the urinal, AimTru uses the downward facing camera on your iPhone or Android device to monitor both direction and velocity of flow, while the ‘heads-up’ display allows you to monitor your aim while simultaneously texting the wife or checking that half-time result.


AimTru's patented AI technology alerts the user should his aim on the drain drift, is compatible with 99.9% of urinal designs and members of all sizes. 

No urinal? No problem. Just pop the lid up on any standard toilet and AimTru will keep you on target even with the seat down. 

Finally, if you need to break the seal but you’ve just made a breakthrough on Tinder, just ask Siri to switch to 'dick-pic' mode and show that lucky lady what she’s in for, completely hands-free. 

AimTru is available now from all good app stores.


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