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Office workers already picking out box sets ahead of snow travel chaos

Bus in the snow
Photo credit: David Holt | Flickr

Snow, ice and widespread working from home under a duvet on Wednesday, the Met Office warns.

A yellow weather warning was issued overnight, with parts of the UK expected to be brought to a near standstill by a volume of snow most northern European countries could sweep up over a lunchtime.

Police have urged people in London and the Southeast to plan ahead, predicting that 3-5mm of slushy sleet could cause minor travel disruption across the region. 

Over the coming days, an estimated 73.65% of London’s 8.7 million residents will be exaggerating the disruption to their commute, as the winter weather hits. 

The editors of, London local papers, The Evening Standard and The Metro are ready to deploy ‘blitz spirit’ clichés alongside pictures of office workers trudging through an inch of grey slush, while the BBC’s entire news output will focus on snow-related delays to commuter trains into the capital. 

Cut off from their places of work by minor delays to buses and the Underground, many workers will be forced to work from home with only the latest Netflix blockbuster keeping them warm.

City office drone Mark Collins told us: “Yeah the weather girl said the North would be hit hardest, I’m like in Edgware, so I’ll probably be snowed in for a few at boxsets at least. Winter is Coming!” 

The Met Office predicts that Scotland and northern England could see up to 10cm ( 4in ) of snow tonight with residents likely to just go about their business as usual tomorrow.

Theresa May sets out to disprove Einstein

Theresa May
Photo credit: Depositphotos

In an attempt to disprove Einstein’s definition of insanity the Prime Minister will ask parliament to vote on an identical Brexit Deal while expecting an entirely different result. 

A quote widely attributed to Albert Einstein states "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". 

The Prime Minister, apparently not a fan of Einstein, will return to Parliament today for a vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill that MPs have twice rejected, in the hope of a substantially different result. 

Asked whether her actions, had now, just a hint of insanity about them, May responded: 

"Not at all. Wibble. We will continue to vote on this bill without modification until parliament passes it. 

“There is nothing insane about asking people to vote on the same thing again and again and again while expecting a different outcome.

“It is perfectly reasonable, wibble, sane and above all constitutional, unless it’s another referendum, now that would be insanity." 

May is currently set to defy another of Einstein’s theories on, March 29th, when the UK exits the EU faster than the speed of light in a vacuum and lands the squarely in a black hole.