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Trump prepares for D-Day landing

Donald Trump
Photo credit: Depositphotos

A full state visit is being planned for the 45th President to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in June. 

President Trump is said to be elated to be returning to the UK, tweeting last night.

“It’s great, so great that the Europeans are putting on a D-Day to celebrate the big D, although someone should probably tell them I’m 73, not 75 next birthday.”

A full state visit for Trump would include an official banquet at Buckingham Palace, catered by the staff of McDonald’s Victoria and a carriage procession down London’s Mall.

The President will also meet Jeremy Corbyn for a cup of hot Bovril in the shed on his allotment and Theresa May if she is still clinging to power in June.


Following his engagements in the UK, the President will fly to France where he is apparently looking forward to visiting the beach where Saving Private Ryan was filmed.

“Great film, great war, so good”, he told reporters “the second war is my favourite war. You know why? Because America was so great in that war. The best, really outstanding.

 “If I’d been there it would have probably been better, just saying, but America won that war, saved all the Europers and the Brits and then we built a wall.

 “Yes, we built a wall, we did, right across Berlin and you know what? The Commies paid for it. Yes they did.”


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