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Trump to deliver State of the Union from Kremlin

No venue can compete with the ‘history, tradition and importance’, says president, after Vladimir Putin offers him the Kremlin Palace of Congresses for State of the Union address.

President Trump has been looking for alternative venues for his State of the Union address after Speaker Nancy Pelosi told him he would not be invited to deliver it at the House of Representatives until the US government reopens.

The US government has been shutdown for 33 days because Congress has, so far, refused to pay for enough Lego bricks for the President to build his ‘biglyest’ wall, causing the 72-year-old leader of the free world to storm off to his room in a huff.

This is not the first time Putin has come to Trump’s aid. The Russian president, who is well known for helping less-able world leaders, has allegedly given him considerable support over the years.

Putin told reporters, “You know, friend in need is friend indeed. I have big debating chamber I don’t need so I let Donny use it. Simples.”

The prospect of an American president delivering the State of the Union from the Kremlin has caused concern in some of the more traditional parts of the US political establishment. 

However, the general mood in Washington is one of relief as it is believed that Trump's original plan may have been to live-stream the SOTU from one of Trump Tower's golden toilets. 


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