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Number 10 appoints Fiona Bruce as minister for interrupting Diane Abbott

Fiona Bruce - BBC Question Time
Photo credit: BBC - Question Time

Broadcaster, Fiona Bruce, has been appointed as minister for interrupting the shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, following her Question Time triumph.

Number 10 announced the surprise appointment this morning, stating that based on Ms Bruce’s “stunning” performance on last Thursday’s edition of the political debate show, her presence on the front benches should greatly ease the passage of parliamentary business.

Fiona Bruce, who took the reins of Question Time earlier this month, has been criticised by Abbott for interrupting her “thirty or fourthly [sic] billion-trillion times” during last week’s hour-long show.

A poll, conducted by Ms Abbott during the broadcast, alleges that she was interrupted, by Bruce, on average 8 million times more than, Tory MP Rory Stewart. Although this number has been subsequently amended by her office and now stands at just 8 times more. 

A spokesman for Number 10, announcing Ms Bruce’s appointment said: “With the Brexit deadline looming, the Government is cognisant of the need to expedite all parliamentary business. 

“With the greatest respect to The Right Honourable Member for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, we note that Ms Abbott does rather go on.

“As such, we are pleased that Ms Bruce has accepted a role as minister and will, going forward, hold sole responsibility for interrupting the Shadow Home secretary during parliamentary sessions.”

When asked for comment, a Labour press officer told us: “Sorry, can’t talk now, Diane’s telling us about her Question Time appearance. Can I call you back in a day or two?” 

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