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Palace confirms Duke of Edinburgh totalled car swerving to avoid a ‘peasant’ in the road

Baldrick with Pheasant
Photo credit: The Daily Mail

Buckingham Palace has corrected earlier reports that said the, 97 year old, Duke rolled his car while swerving to avoid a ‘pheasant’, on the Queen’s Sandringham estate.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who walked away from the twisted wreckage of his rolled Range Rover this week, has clarified the circumstances of the incident, in which his car collided with another vehicle.

Eyewitnesses that helped Prince Philip from his vehicle following the crash reported that he was shaken but unhurt and muttering incoherently about a “bloody pheasant” that allegedly “came out of nowhere”.

A statement, issued on behalf of the Duke, sheds more light on the circumstances of the crash.

“The Duke would like to clarify that he did not swerve to avoid a ‘pheasant’ as reported by some despicable tabloid sources.

“He is a keen and accomplished game Huntsman and is known to take any opportunity to kill or maim a pheasant, whether it is with a car, a shotgun or, on occasion, his bare hands.

“Prince Philip would, however, like to apologise for any inappropriate language he used in his shocked and shaken state following the crash.

“In particular, he sends his deepest apologies to the occupants of the Ford Kia, for referring to them as ‘bloody peasants that came out of nowhere’.”


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