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DUP to face a vote of continued-relevance in Westminster

Palace of Westminster
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The DUP will face a vote of continued-relevance in Westminster after PM sustains the heaviest parliamentary defeat of any British prime minister.

Democratic Unionists who, only yesterday, supplied the Government with a complete lack of confidence, voting against May’s Brexit deal, are today expected to support the crippled Conservatives as they face a long overdue vote of no-confidence. 

With Mrs May’s minority government on its last legs, the DUP have indicated they will do the right thing and vote for any outcome that keeps the DUP in the spotlight.

Rumours that Arlene Foster and her 9 DUP members would vote against the government, in today's vote of no-confidence, now appear wide of the mark.

The demise of May would mean the DUP drift back into obscurity and Arlene Foster, who is currently enjoying the limelight very much thank you, is against this outcome.

"It is intoxicating", Foster told us. 

"My agent is talking about a book deal and possible appearances on the after-dinner circuit. 

“But all this would be impossible if we are not in the limelight and that means continuing to support the government.”

When asked to comment on the parallels between her party's current position and the coalition between David Cameron and Nick Clegg, Foster remarked: “What’s a Nick Clegg?”

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