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Plan B to kick-off UK Tour with historic Westminster gig

Photo credit: Tony2Times at English Wikipedia

With MPs voting against Theresa May’s Brexit deal, the PM now has just 3 working days before she is required to perform for parliament with, actor and hip-hop artist, Plan B.

Mrs May’s unprecedented obligation stems from an amendment, tabled last week, to the EU Withdrawal Bill by ex-attorney general and undersecretary to the cross-party group for hip-hop studies, Dominic Grieve.

A spokesman for Ben Drew, who performs under the stage name of Plan B told us: 

“Ben is I guess, like a lot of us, perplexed that the Speaker of the House allowed the amendment to pass in the first place, but as a strong believer in the sovereignty of Parliament, Ben is ready to play is part.

“Of course the prospect of seeing Theresa May lose her shit on the dance floor to End Credits isn’t something you’d wish on your worst enemies, but if it’s what democracy calls for, then Plan B is down with it.”

While Mr Grieve has been tight-lipped about his reasons for proposing this unusual direction for parliamentary business, sources close to the Conservative party believe it is his performance in the film Harry Brown that brought Plan B to his attention.

“In many ways, Harry Brown depicts the type of society that we Tories are keen to promote.” back-bencher Charles Fishgrove-Hepworth told us. 

“You’ve got the plucky Noel Winters taking over the family firm, Michael Caine’s Harry Brown helping the police and judiciary by investigating a crime and taking justice into his own hands.

“That’s free enterprise and the Big Society right there. Great stuff.”

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