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Drone sighting in Westminster brings Parliament to a standstill

Palace of Westminster
Photo credit: Dominika Gregušová

Parliamentary business in the House of Commons has been suspended while a drone sighting above the Palace of Westminster is investigated.

In recent weeks, both Heathrow and Gatwick airports have been temporarily shut down due to drones being spotted in their vicinity. The Palace of Westminster, today, becomes the latest victim of what tabloid hacks are now calling the ‘drone menace’.

The alleged drone sighting was anonymously reported to police this morning, minutes before the parliamentary session was due to commence. While the type of drone has not been confirmed, it is thought to be the plastic, photo taking type, rather than the deadly, missile launching type. 


The latter class of drone, while frequently used to permanently shut down both parliaments and airports in parts of the Middle East, is not yet widely available to members of the public in the UK.

With Theresa May’s government facing its latest crunch vote on her ever-unpopular Brexit deal later today, it remains unclear who has taken the extraordinary step of halting parliamentary proceedings on rumours of a toy quadricopter circling outside the building.

Speaker of the House of Commons and ardent remoaner, John Bercow, was unavailable to comment on this unprecedented disruption to democracy, but he is rumoured to have been spotted earlier this morning ascending the scaffolding surrounding the Elizabeth Tower, with what looked like a remote control in his hands.


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