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MacKenzie Bezos to return husband to Amazon for full refund

Following their divorce, clauses in the Bezos’ prenup could allow MacKenzie Bezos to return cheating husband and Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, to Amazon for a full refund.

In a turn of events that will disappoint the thousands of divorce lawyers hoping to represent the world’s richest couple, the Bezoses may be able to complete their divorce with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Although the couple’s marriage predates the founding of the billion-dollar bookshop, it is thought that their prenuptial agreement contains similar clauses to those found in Amazon’s generous returns policy. 

If Mrs Bezos can find her husband’s original packaging, she should be able to complete the divorce by simply attaching a pre-printed return label to Mr Bezos and leaving him at any one of a number of convenient pickup locations. 


As details of the Bezos’ divorce emerge, and with MacKenzie expected to gain a controlling share of Amazon in any settlement; both divorce lawyers and tech industry watchers will be asking if a one-click divorce service is going to be the tech giant’s next step toward taking over absolutely everything.

Charles Fishlove of the International Association of Divorce Lawyers told us:

"I think for many women the convenience of ditching their philandering husband in fewer clicks than it takes to return that dress they’ve only worn a little bit, will certainly appeal.

"And having their ex-wife drop them off at a convenient pickup location, be it a bar,  strip-club or local dogging site, will be equally welcomed by many recently divorced men.”


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