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The Daily Mash pledges £4.5m to boost struggling satirical websites

Nish Kumar on the The Mash Report
Photo credit: The Mash Report | BBC

Following news on Monday that Facebook intends to fund trainee ‘community’ journalists, in the hope of reviving the moribund local newspaper industry it has helped destroy, The Daily Mash has followed suit pledging £4.5m to fund failing satirical websites across the UK.

Mashed Productions Limited, internet giant and owner of the popular fake news site "The Daily Mash", is set to make available a big bag of cash to subsidise the cost of training junior satirists at struggling UK publications.

Mash spokesperson Nish Kumar, announced the fund from a jacuzzi full of vintage Cristal; “Well we’ve made a huge amount of money milking the BBC for two series of the Mash Report and it’s time to give something back.”

"It’s tough out there. Everyday, lesser UK satire sites close their laptops for the last time.” Kumar continued, lighting a cigar with a fifty pound note.

“We want to help the next generation of ‘funny down the pub’ blokes quit their jobs in finance or management consulting. We want them to live that dream, penning a couple of hundred words of second rate comedy a day, while scraping a living from Google AdWords and Facebook likes.”

A spokesman for The Post Truth Post, the UK’s smallest satirical news outlet by Google search ranking, welcomed the fund; “Free money from the Mash? Yes please and if Nish could give us a shout out next time he’s on the Jonathan Ross Show that would be great too.”

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