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Trump denies pants on fire caused by being a liar

Donald Trump
Photo credit: Depositphotos
President Trump was left red-faced and rosey cheeked this weekend, when his trademark baggy suit pants appeared to spontaneously combust during a press conference. Mr Trump was addressing reporters in Washington DC, shortly after returning from his visit to the fire ravaged Californian town of Paradise. While responding to questions about the causal link between climate change, nine years of drought and the devastating wildfires sweeping across Northern California, wisps of smoke were seen to issue from the presidential posterior. "I have a strong opinion," the President told the press pool. "I want great climate and we're going to have that and we're going to have forests that are very safe.” “You’ll have heard so-called experts trying to tell you that the increase in deadly wildfires is the result of climate change, but it’s not true. Fake news. So sad.” he continued, flames now visibly licking at the boxy vent of his jacket. The president was quickly extinguished by his security detail and the press conference called to a halt. Trump later tweeted, “You’ll have heard so-called experts trying to tell you that pant fires are caused by the pant wearer being a lair, but that’s not true. Fake news. So sad”

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