High Street fashion retailers are set to launch a new range of sizes for leggings and other lower-body-hugging apparel.

Under the new scheme, which is designed to enable women to more easily select the correct garment fit, the old small, medium and large scale will be replaced. 

Jane Fishlove-Smyth, of the Lycra Accessories and Brands International Association (LABIA), says the new range of sizes are closely aligned to the way that modern consumers pick leggings or yoga pants when in store.

Research shows that, unlike other garments, the majority of consumers ignore the size information and will simply squeeze into whichever pair of leggings takes their fancy.

“Of course, the inherent elasticity of a Lycra based product makes this possible,” Ms Fishlove-Smyth told us, while noting that “there are limits” to even the most elastic of materials.

“While a small pair of leggings can often stretch to accommodate buttocks that would be more naturally suited to a medium or even large pair, they tend not to do so well around the front,” she said.

“Our new sizing system aims to address this by providing clear information to the consumer about the expected ‘front fit’ of the garment.”

The new front fit information labels are due to hit high streets later this year and will initially classify leggings in three sizes — Antelope, Camel or Moose fit.